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v. 26 2013-02-14T13:58:41+01 Tobias Mattsson
v. 25 2013-02-14T12:48:45+01 Mikaël Geljić clarification on execution of actions, and updated configuration topic post meeting We. 13.02.2013
v. 24 2013-02-13T10:37:38+01 Mikaël Geljić
v. 23 2013-02-12T16:06:54+01 Mikaël Geljić
v. 22 2013-02-12T16:01:32+01 Mikaël Geljić updated post meeting Tu. 12.02.2013
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v. 19 2013-02-12T11:54:30+01 Mikaël Geljić
v. 18 2013-02-12T11:53:12+01 Mikaël Geljić Splitted problems/proposals/decisions into multiple topics, following meeting on Mo. 11.02.2013. This hopefully makes it easier to discuss, to agree on, and to tackle smaller isolated steps.
v. 17 2013-02-08T09:22:18+01 Mikaël Geljić
v. 16 2013-01-31T15:41:08+01 Mikaël Geljić added context sensitivity use case + tasks required prior to discussion
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