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CURRENT (v. 20) 2011-07-18T17:01:41+02 Andreas Weder Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin  
v. 19 2011-07-18T17:01:40+02 Andreas Weder Corrected links that should have been relative instead of absolute.
v. 18 2011-07-18T17:01:39+02 Andreas Weder Migrated to Confluence 4.0
v. 17 2011-07-18T17:01:38+02 Andreas Weder
v. 16 2011-04-28T13:11:19+02 Andreas Weder Edited UI Mockup <Locking+the+Toolbox>: Changed: fixed docking on left side
v. 15 2011-04-28T09:15:56+02 Andreas Weder
v. 14 2011-04-18T11:28:09+02 Andreas Weder Changed: renamed the page
v. 13 2011-04-18T11:23:42+02 Andreas Weder Changed: renamed page
v. 12 2011-04-08T11:27:37+02 Andreas Weder Edited UI Mockup <Minimised+UI>: Changed: updated mockup with proper expand/collapse feature
v. 11 2011-04-08T11:19:20+02 Andreas Weder Changed: moved page; also mentioning page preview
v. 10 2011-04-08T11:12:32+02 Andreas Weder Added: mockup and remark for locking and unlocking the Toolbox
v. 9 2011-04-08T11:07:05+02 Andreas Weder Edited UI Mockup <Locking the Toolbox>
v. 8 2011-04-08T11:01:55+02 Andreas Weder Added: mockup showing locking of toolbox
v. 7 2011-04-08T10:42:06+02 Andreas Weder Edited UI Mockup <Minimised UI>
v. 6 2011-04-08T10:13:46+02 Andreas Weder Edited UI Mockup <Layouts and Toolbox>
v. 5 2011-04-08T10:08:40+02 Andreas Weder Added: mockup macros
v. 4 2011-04-08T10:08:10+02 Andreas Weder
v. 3 2011-04-08T09:58:49+02 Andreas Weder Added: sections on locking the toolbox, minimized UI
v. 2 2011-04-08T08:56:38+02 Andreas Weder
v. 1 2011-04-08T08:56:28+02 Andreas Weder

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