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v. 44 2016-01-11T13:54:10+01 Mikaël Geljić Adding code-style for IntelliJ (as plain xml file, sets spaces around array initializers)
v. 43 2014-06-04T11:58:03+02 Magnolia International Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin
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v. 38 2011-06-30T10:08:51+02 Daniel Lipp moved unit-test style to subpage
v. 37 2011-06-30T10:07:45+02 Daniel Lipp moved serial version uid section to code-style subpage
v. 36 2011-06-30T10:06:02+02 Daniel Lipp moved Javadoc conventions to subpage
v. 35 2011-06-30T10:04:09+02 Daniel Lipp moved Code Style to subpage
v. 34 2011-06-30T10:02:59+02 Daniel Lipp renamed to Coding Convention as content will be split to several pages now
v. 33 2011-06-17T14:33:22+02 Daniel Lipp added node about //$NON-NLS-1$
v. 32 2011-05-20T09:10:40+02 Daniel Lipp added hint deprecated must contain since
v. 31 2011-05-19T10:42:57+02 Daniel Lipp mention Eclipse & Idea
v. 30 2011-05-19T10:39:34+02 Daniel Lipp added hint on compiler settings
v. 29 2011-05-13T17:20:07+02 Magnolia International
v. 28 2011-05-10T09:35:56+02 Daniel Lipp
v. 27 2011-04-20T08:31:20+02 Daniel Lipp clarified usage of $Id$
v. 26 2011-04-19T12:05:31+02 Magnolia International
v. 25 2011-04-19T10:54:44+02 Daniel Lipp added single-line if statement & unnecessary else section, introduced sub-headers (h4)
v. 24 2011-04-15T11:29:52+02 Daniel Lipp linked Jira ticket for JUnit-style upgrade
v. 23 2011-04-15T11:24:25+02 Daniel Lipp added JUnit section - reordered items according to importance
v. 22 2011-04-15T11:16:24+02 Daniel Lipp added sample class-level javadoc
v. 21 2011-04-15T11:11:51+02 Daniel Lipp added details on class-level javadoc
v. 20 2011-04-14T18:22:14+02 Felix Rabe
v. 19 2011-03-30T08:40:00+02 Daniel Lipp added serialVersionUID section
v. 18 2011-01-21T13:30:12+01 Magnolia International
v. 17 2011-01-21T13:30:03+01 Magnolia International
v. 16 2010-09-02T10:51:11+02 Felix Rabe
v. 15 2010-09-01T11:05:24+02 Felix Rabe
v. 14 2010-08-26T13:49:17+02 Felix Rabe
v. 13 2010-08-26T13:48:56+02 Felix Rabe
v. 12 2010-08-26T13:48:31+02 Felix Rabe
v. 11 2010-08-18T19:03:21+02 Magnolia International
v. 10 2010-08-18T18:50:38+02 Magnolia International
v. 9 2010-08-12T12:11:44+02 Philipp Bärfuss
v. 8 2009-06-11T19:20:16+02 Magnolia International
v. 7 2009-06-11T19:20:16+02 Magnolia International
v. 6 2008-06-23T03:14:16+02 Boris Kraft
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v. 4 2008-05-20T17:02:22+02 Magnolia International
v. 3 2008-01-15T11:51:52+01 zzVivian Steller added attachment and note about M2_REPO variable again
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