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v. 8 2016-06-09T13:55:59+02 Antti Hietala
v. 7 2016-06-09T10:40:45+02 Andreas Weder Added nice visual effects to make sure the visual appearance matches the character of an unconference (how's that for ensuring a product has an identity ).
v. 6 2016-06-09T10:39:47+02 Andreas Weder Added photo of final schedule.
v. 5 2016-06-09T10:34:06+02 Andreas Weder Preliminary board.
v. 4 2016-06-07T14:54:12+02 Antti Hietala
v. 3 2016-06-06T13:39:22+02 Antti Hietala
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v. 1 2016-06-06T13:29:10+02 Antti Hietala

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