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The goal of this grid is to understand what various people can do in Magnolia based on their knowledge and skills. This should help answer some important questions - and help us to understand which changes are most needed in Magnolia for our target developers for specific activities to work without obstacles.

  • What does a person need to know in order to accomplish tasks?
  • What should a person need to know to accomplish tasks?
  • What can a person with certain skills be able to accomplish in Magnolia?

Some of these items are not a strict yes or no - but this matrix considers performing the task in a best-practice way:

  • that the files & configuration live under custom modules 
  • They are under source control.
  • The template scripts and resources can be overriden within AdminCentral apps.

- means NO, x means YES, New means New Capability.
(*) indicates that it is a New Capability because it can be stored in a module. 

"Front-end Developer" is assumed not to know Java.


(Author in Admincentral)
Front-end DeveloperJava Developer
Setup a Magnolia Developer Environment (a la MVN & Eclipse)--x
Download and run a Tomcat Bundlexxx
Create a pagexxx
Edit a pagexxx
Create a Magnolia module-Newx
Create a Magnolia module with Java classes-xx
Create a template script-New*x
Create a template definition-New*x
Create a template model-Newx
Create a Java template model--x
Add & update a resource-New*x
Extend Magnolia classes--x
Create a content app-New*x
Extend an existing content app-New*x
Create an app with a custom ui--x
Integrate 3rd party system via Java--x
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