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Check out the new Concept Document for adding autosuggest to Configuration App in 5.3 and how to try the prototype!

Notes from the unconf session.


  • problem / inspiration
    • creating configuration by hand in the tree is difficult
      • what node can we create where?
      • typos causes hard to track down problems
  • demo
    • extension of the configuration app: auto-config
    • looks the same
    • scenarios
      • what nodes do I need to configure an app
        • pressing DOWN arrow on a content node shows a list of allowed content nodes
        • same for properties
        • already existing items are not re-suggested
      • „add suggested“ action
        • offers a list of everything that is available: all content nodes, all properties
        • acts like a quick template
      • if I configure a dialog, I get a list of all dialogs
        • this list is known by the dialog
    • you can filter the list of auto-suggested value by typing
      • behavior is different depending on where auto-suggestion works
        • for content node and properties, filtering is done using „startsWith“
        • for actual values, filtering is done using „contains“
    • errors are indicated using a dashed red line underneath the wrongly typed key
  • discussion
    • put it on the forge!
    • must be part of an actual release!
    • suggested improvements
      • offer a combo box in the „type“ column for picking a type
      • offer values, when you know the type
      • auto-suggest for
        • class name
        • extends and overwrites
      • create a folder structure by typing a path
    • related question
      • do we really need the „type“ and „modification date“ in the config tree?
        • since these column are always there, they take up valuable space
        • discussion not conclusive
      • many usability problems / suggestions for improving the tree
        • use the preview to show details
        • offer a split view (not conclusive)
        • auto-scroll on DnD
        • offer „duplicate and move“ or „copy to clipboard“
        • make columns to show configurable


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