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Who attended:
  • Mostly technical audience
  • A fourth of them familiar with Vaadin app development
  • A few of them who already got to develop a Magnolia app

We discussed:

  • Creating simple custom apps with pure Vaadin components
    • Sample app example, SubApp + View
  • Flexibility of Vaadin layouts to implement responsive-like UI for apps
    • although the Admincentral chrome itself, as well as shell apps, are not responsive quite yet
  • Approaches to affect an app UI depending on agent or device capabilities
    • 1. App themes as the lightest approach
    • 2. Vaadin JS extensions
      • to perform feature detection and affect content, styles, or event handling accordingly
      • has the benefit not to deal with the widgetset or client-side GWT code
    • 3. Full blown GWT development
      • deferred bindings to register specific implementation mappings for touch vs. desktop
      • e.g. VUI extension in magnolia to prevent browser scroll on the iPad
      • (warning) in the end, the decision where to implement specific touch-friendliness is down to interaction design
  • Touch interaction in Magnolia 5
    • VS. Vaadin TouchKit
    • registering "TouchDelegates" to hand over to click or touch handlers depending on device
    • integration of touch gestures from mgwt 
  • How to integrate an existing Vaadin app into Magnolia 5
    • if it's rather plain Vaadin, option 1 is to move the application code to a subApp + relevant presenters and views
    • if it uses already addons, different widgetset, or for minimum effort, using an EmbeddedPageSubApp
      • can be configured with just one URL
  • Back to content connectors in 5.3, where to plug in container
    • #createContainer in TreePresenter vs. (tick) #initializeContainer
    • needs documentation and interface API doc!
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