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Must have


5.3 candidates

Actions & Action availability

Some of these issues will be tackled in MGNLPN-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

  • MGNLPN-82 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • You should not be able to publish a variant if the master is not published (the action should be disabled)
    • You should be able to publish with subpages on the variants node? On a single variant?
  • Review available actions, when clicking on a variant; the Variants node; the master page  MGNLPN-87 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Make sure that only actions are shown / enabled that work and are supported


  • Topic tbd

Choosing audience

  • MGNLPN-83 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • rework UI to be more in-line with mockups
    • pick a segment and/or one of a pre-selected set of traits
    • MGNLPN-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • rename "variant title" to just "name"(also needs help text): from a user's perspective, we actually choose a name for the audience, not a title for the trait.
    • MGNLPN-90 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • change order of fields in dialog
    • MGNLPN-91 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Demo and test data

  • We should have some minimal test data for segments and personas
  • We should have good, convincing demo content
  • Do we have to adapt some templates?

Pages and other UI

  • Apps screen
    • MGNLUI-2843 - Getting issue details... STATUS : naming of apps and app groups; placement of apps in groups
  • Page editor
    • (tick) Add switcher to switch between master and its variants
    • Ensure the switcher looks according to the visual design
    • Ensure that the switcher shows the variant title / audience name (see visual design)
  • Page tree in Pages
    • MGNLPN-86 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • If one creates a variant, the new variant should be selected
    • (tick) Show variants always beneath master
    • (tick) Expose variant title as well
    • Implement clearer tree with a title per variant (current implementation mixes title and page node).
  • Pages
    • promote personalization actions: move them further up
  • Other


  • Add "anonymous" persona to be able to switch (back) to "any visitor". The anonymous persona has a "general user" image (see visual design - I can supply that).
  • Show „anonymous“ persona, if no persona defined or selected: MGNLPN-84 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • Allow to switch between Preview and other apps (currently, "when you switch apps, this closes the Preview, which is unexpected")


  • Navigation won't show page names of variants as they're not yet resolved
  • Content components such as teasers won't show titles/properties of potential variants


  • Develop a small, but convincing set of traits
    • implicit traits: location, date & time of visit, language settings, device / device capabilities, type of visitor (new/recurring, logged in/not logged in, registered/not registered)
    • user profile traits: gender, age, interests
  • Review existing trait UIs
    • "About the date trait, the type is confusing, what type? what duration? (I got it but its not obvious)"
    • We have to publish the 5.3-m4 implementation.
  • Move trait preview classes/interfacesto "p13n-integration" module (otherwise trait registry doesn't pick it up)
    • MGNLPN-89 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Remove old transformers from code base
    • MGNLPN-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS

General cleanup

  • Remove unused code

"For the conference" candidates

  • Forms
    • add titles
    • add introductory texts (to properly explain personalization forms)
    • write help texts and form validation messages for personalization
    • add accordion for a better structured Personas editing form
  • Segments
    • add the single-level rule builder (supporting "all" and "any") and reordering of traits to editing of the segments
    • add possibility to define a segmentation (not only segments)
    • add quick way to create a new segmentation based on a single trait (one step instead of several)
    • probably later: add subsegments to allow for even more complex rules (requires some interaction design as well).


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