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MGNLPN-65 - Getting issue details... STATUS


When assigning segments to the variant, we currently display only path which does not really tell us any details about the segment. Preview should display all necessary informations about a segment in a nice preview (like in contacts or assets)


  • using of info.magnolia.ui.form.field.component.AbstractContentPreviewComponent to implement the look of preview


  1. we will probably need to add new method to the voters (e.g. getDescription) or override toString method
  2. Interesting concept could be something like (or a simplified version of it)
    • org.hamcrest.SelfDescribing

    • org.hamcrest.Description

    • see Example below
  3. Simple approach: use title/description of the segment for the moment
Example option 2.
 * Implement this interface to enable stringification of your voter.
public interface SelfDescribing {
    String describeTo(Description description);
 * Description of a {@link} or a {@link}.
public interface Description {
     * Appends the description of a {@link SelfDescribing} value to this description.
    Description appendDescriptionOf(SelfDescribing value);

We would then implement the above interface in the Voter or VoterSet.


  • Flexible


  • Can be difficult to translate
  • No labels