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The Problem

Servlet mappings are currently configured under /filters/servlets. Often times, other components in the system need to know about those mappings. A simple example: generating links for the DAM servlet.


Make it possible for arbitrary components to know how/where a servlet is mapped.

Use Cases

  • Generating DAM links
  • Generating links to Imaging module
  • Links to REST APIs
  • essentially anything exposed via a Servlet where we need to generate links to.

Such a mapping could be configured in the module's own class - and therefore used by the servlet mapping AND other arbitrary components (URI2RepoMapping, Link API, templating functions, ...)




A replacement/subclass for ServletDispatchingFilter and info.magnolia.cms.filters.Mapping. A developer would need to subclass the Filter class replacement and implement a getDynamicMapping() method. (Where this method would delegate to MyModule.getFooPath(), and MyModule would be @injected in said filter.


Screenshots should be speaking enough:

Current servet mapping:


1) Path (mapping) in the module:

2) Different configuration for the servlet node:


I have a POC working in my local DAM branch.

I would suggest having this (the abstract) in core.

I can update this concept with proposed naming.

Additionally, might make sense to change the package of these new classes (from info.magnolia.cms.filters to info.magnolia.servlets and/or info.magnolia.filters.servlets)


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