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This document relates to the "Lower the Entry Barrier" initiative, codenamed "Ramp".

Concepts which will be implemented in 5.4 have become children of page Concepts 5.4

Concepts to cover:

  • Inplace editing of Templates & Resources: Access filesystem
  • Better Javascript handling.
  • ConfigTree improvements. Extends insight. Template Extender tool.
  • Enable frontend developers to create apps & fields with templates.


STK 2.0 Workshop

Inplace editing of Templates & Resources: Access filesystem

What if nothing was stored in repository?: Not templates or resources?

  • Templates and resources do not get stored in repository.
    • Admincentral apps load the files from filesystem for display.
    • inplace editing - edits the files directly. (In exploded War)

Note: That does not work for JARS, the files cannot be written to.

ConfigByFile - Autowrite to File on ConfigTree edits.

If writes to the configTree were automatically written back to the ConfigFile - that would solve problem of loosing changes made in adminCentral.
But how would the system know to which file to write?
And how would it know when to write given the likely situation that some configuration is defined by File, but some is loaded from Bootstraps?

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