This concept page desribes the current status of the CKEditor integration as of Magnolia 5.2. In particular it captures issues and proposals for the CKEditor widget/Vaadin integration and tablet support.

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User stories

  • (star) As a user, I can edit rich text on the iPad
  • (red star) As a user I can configure multiple ckeditor fields in a dialog and configure them independently
    • instances config vs. global CKEDITOR.config
  • (red star) As a user, I can add my own custom plugins to ckeditor
  • (red star) As a user, I can manage and edit CKEditor plugins in the resources module
  • See complementary requirements from Services: CKEditor and Magnolia 5.x



  • (star) CKEditor is currently disabled on the iPad
    • editing via touch input and through the iframe doesn't work
    • see relevant comments on both following issues
  • CKEditor is sensitive to page refresh / tab change
  • Misc:


  • Configurability improvements




  • Moving away from Vaadin CKEditor wrapper add-on
    • #1 craft our own wrapper
    • #2 hook CKEditor as a JavaScript extension to Vaadin TextArea
    • #3 hook CKEditor as a JavaScript component
    • #4 hook CKEditor plugins as JS extensions
  • To be completed -


  • Move CKEditor integration to its own module out of UI
  • Sub-step: get away from wrapper addon's java builder for our default configuration
    • We might have to provide our default configuration as JSON anyway
  • Expose all CKEditor config options "transparently"
    • map of JCR properties, JSON serialization
  • Enable developers to replace CKEditor version itself, or by a custom-built bundle



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