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Allow users to easily add Baidu Analytics tracking to their Magnolia CMS website. Baidu Analytics is the equivalent of Google Analytics in China.

Administrators of websites in China may prefer Baidu Analytics to Google Analytics because:

  • It may be more familiar to Chinese website administrators.
  • It is integrated with other Baidu services such as their advertising platform that the administrator may want use.
  • Google is sometimes blocked in China which can make Google Analytics inaccurate for websites hosted in China.


For each site, the user should be able to configure the Baidu Analytics tracking ID for the site.

For each site, the user should be able to enable and disable Baidu Analytics tracking for the site.

For each site, if the tracking ID is added for a site and Baidu Analytics is enabled for a site, then standard Baidu Analytics page tracking should work on each page of the site.

Use Cases

Since Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics are similar in functionality, and there is already a Google Analytics module, we will try to match the user experience for the Baidu Analytics module to the Google Analytics module wherever that makes sense.

Under Configuration:/modules/baidu-analytics/config/sites/ will be a node for each site, with the name of the node matching the name of the site as specified in Site Definitions.

After installation the above node will contain a site node for the default CE site and a default node for the default EE site.

Each node will contain two properties enabled and trackerID.

A user enables standard Baidu Analytics page tracking for a site by setting enabled to true and setting trackerID to the ID provided by Baidu Analytics under the node in Configuration:/modules/baidu-analytics/config/sites/ that has the same name as the site defined in Site Definition.





Google Analytics Module

Concept Google Analytics


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