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View & Presenter

  • Every presenter implements a listener
  • A presenter typically has a view as a private member.
  • Calling start on a presenter returns the view
  • In a presenters start method - it typically sets its views listener to itself. So view's listener is the presenter.


What is the idea behind the start method?


View & Vaadin

View is an interface with one method: asVaadinComponent()

View is our internal vaadin agnostic class. But every view is backed with a vaadin component.



EventBus - which event bus!


There are several areas of the UI that one might get involved in. Code is self documenting - but it helps to have an overview and a refernce to the SIGNIFICANT members of each of these constructs.

At least I feel the need in my work as i settle into work on a story - a little preparation in understanding the construct first will be useful. 
I may as well document it in a way it can be shared, rather then just jotting in my notebook. 

Main constructs that could use an overview:

  • Shell / uiContext / appController
  • Locations
  • App
  • Browser
  • Workbench
  • Actions
  • Dialogs & Notifications
  • Forms & Fields
  • Item / ItemAdaptor / etc. / jcrItem /


  • The workbench is the space to the left of the actionbar in a browser subapp. It typically provides views into the data of a workspace in the repository.
  • A standard workbench has 3 contentviews, tree, list, thumbnail + search which show the data and allow selection.
  • The data access layer is the Container. Each view gets data from a container implementation - the container talks to the data storage system - currently only JCR is supported.
  • WorkbenchView extends VerticalLayout and assembles the toolbar, the viewModes, the searchbox and the statusBar.
  • WorkbenchPresenter reads its definition and gets all of the contentPresenters and their views - orchestrates the assembly.
  • A WorkbenchPresenter is most often the child of a BrowserPresenter or a WorkbenchChooseDialogPresenter.

Each contentview has a data and a presenter. We'll consider the tree.

  • BrowserSubApp.start
  • BrowserPresenter.start
    • WorkbenchPresenter
      • workbenchDefinition
      • view (WorkbenchView)
      • activePresenter (ContentPresenter)
      • contentPresenters (LinkedHashMap<String, ContentPresenter>)
      • TreePresenter (AbstractContentPresenter)
        • getContainer() HierarchicalJcrContainer (AbstractJcrContainer)
    • WorkbenchView
      • contentViews (HashMap<String, ContentView>)
      • ContentView
        • TreeViewImpl (ListViewImpl)
          • TreeTable (vaadin component)
          • dropHandler TreeViewDropHandler


ContentView Interface

  • setListener
  • select
  • setMultiselect
  • Listener
    • onItemSelection
    • onDoubleClick
    • onRightClick
    • getIcon


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