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TwinColSelectFieldDefinition  renders two boxes side by side. Available items are in the left box and selected items in the right box. To select an item, move it from left to right. This control is useful for selecting large sets of items such as group and role memberships. You can find an example in the Security app

Class: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.definition.TwinColSelectFieldDefinition

Here is an example of a custom  GroupManagementFieldDefinition  field which extends  TwinColSelectFieldDefinition . This field is used to assign groups to a user.

Node name






Assign user to groups


Other available groups


User is a member of

You can use all common field properties.

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Properties specific to the twin-column field.

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
leftColumnCaptionText displayed above the left column. Typically retrieved from a message bundle.From
rightColumnCaptionText displayed above the right column. Typically retrieved from a message bundle.To
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