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This concept is the technical specification for showing a status bar at the bottom of subapp views. General requirements are described as part of the following issue:

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(tick) Ready for implementation

  • selection count is either 0 or 1 until proper support for multiple selection
  • item count is synchronized by WorkbenchPresenter
    • view.getSelectedView().getContainer().addItemSetChangeListener
    • updates statusBarPresenter
  • string template for item/selection count is hard-coded in WorkbenchStatusBarPresenter
    • until proper concept for message keys
  • changing color according to table scrolling state requires a client-side patch
    • server does not know when the scrollbar is around
  • we don't tackle status bar in page editor for now


  • In content apps' workbench
    • Show item count, selection count
      • template?
    • Endless sheet of paper UI effect
    • Breadcrumb / path
      • clickable
  • In page editor subapp
    • collaboration info (soft-locking)


  • the StatusBarView interface
    • is a UI container that provides three slots for left, center or right-aligned content (raw text or vaadin component)
      • #addComponent(Component, Alignment)
        • does not care about vertical alignment
        • first added first aligned
      • #removeComponent(Component)
    • has a changeable background color
      • #setColor(String)
      • more semantics?
        • FRAME (transparent == grey, default)
        • BLANK (white)
        • INFO (blue)
        • WARNING (yellow)
        • ERROR (red)
      • UI Constants class - actually style name constants
        • ThemeConstants, in vaadin theme
    • is implemented as a vaadin HorizontalLayout (i.e. rather than a CustomComponent) since the view impl is never exposed directly
    • resides in new magnolia-ui-statusbar module
  • the WorkbenchStatusBarPresenter
    • uses default view implementation to display path (left) and total/selected (right)
      • #setSelectedItem(Item)
      • #setItemCount(int)
      • #setSelectionCount(int)
      • default string template defined in properties file
        • "{0} item(s), {1} selected"
        • extendability by content apps
    • view is appended after content views
    • is injected in WorkbenchPresenter
      • reacts to selection events as well as workbench resync
      • we try to reuse the eventBus for less tight coupling - we get it from the workbench presenter (can be chooseDialogEventBus)
      • might require to fire selected events in a more consistant way, including on workbench resync (e.g. from location)
    • optional: can also fire ItemSelectedEvent (breadcrumb)
    • resides in magnolia-ui-workbench module
  • the PageEditorStatusBarPresenter
    • same soft-locking info as in 4.5
      • uses default view
      • can display collaborating users in a "small" dialog or a tooltip
      • #setCollaboratingUsersCount(int)
    • magnolia-ui-app-pages or magnolia-module-softlocking?
    • requires migration of the soft-locking module
  • No configuration


Status bar can be seen in the following mockups and designs on searching, filtering or pulse.

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