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App nameDetailsRemarksVote - Interest Day 0. 
Soccer LeagueRegister Teams, Players, start a season, track matches (author) - results (public) JCH 
Video chatsSkype like chat including video (based on web rtc) - poc for gwt had been done already   
App Creatoradd columns, actions with wizard/ form/ drag&drop rather then by  configuration hierarchy CZ,FG,EHE,JCH 
Dialog CreatorDrag & Drop CZ,EHE 
Black Jack    
Groovy consoleuse fancy vaadin add ons (ace editor)   
Consoleuse vaadin charts to display system info (memory consumption or number of items in jcr workspaces etc.)charts might be vaadin pro account only  
WebScraperget content e.g. from RSS feads or webservices and store in jcr to make publically availablecheck IFTTT (if this than that service)  
Planning Pokerui customization, branding, test multi user setup: one user hosts a session, others can join, vote,...   
Template Editorcode high lightening etc - especially for ftl's. Basically a replacement for need to ship that anyway.FG,JCH 
Template create appuse Drag & Drop to create templates EHE 
PDF Viewereither standalone or embedded (possibility to open several pdf viewers) - javascript tool is around   
Google Analytics visualisationuse vaadin charts to display - Teresa has worked on gathering information there   
Advanced workspace viewer (graph)Graph. Useful? SVG visualization.
Website ImporterCould start just with importing all images to DAM from a specified website url. + maybe n levels of links.   
Admin for Distributed Computing AppUsers would download a client where processing needed by the server owner -  could be passed off to willing clients.   
Twitter management appDecide which users you want to include in a stream - and have ability to display tweets in a component.

Migrate frisbee module to m5.

Look at planet magnolia.

Other social network

User preferences app    
Faceted search configuration appEnable you to create searches which could then be used to populate a component with many items returned by the search. Like MBC page.   



Required git repos

-> tell Greg or Daniel what app's we're going for, they'll create the repos.

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