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As a author I can manage videos in the DAM so that I can use them in pages.

Initial Task (Phase 1)

A user is able to create a new Video Asset.

Video Have to be played in Video Players

Open Points (For Phase 2)

Preview a video Image.


We have to use an external lib in order to handle videos (change format, extract preview image....). One potential candidate is xuggler. This lib uses the excellent FFmpeg library for decoding and encoding video extremely quickly, and it is only available as a native library. We need to make sure it is available on your system. On top of that, Xuggler adds extra native code to quickly figure out left-out time stamps in audio and video, and to make it safe to access FFmpeg from Java. That's why it needs to install a DLL or Shared Library for a Java application. This is currently causing us issues (We are able to extract an image from most of the videos, but for mp4 for example code get stocked. We face this issue). So we have to define a building/delivering strategy in order to use this lib. 

  - Should we use this lib?
    - if yes, how should we handle the dependency with the installed DDL ?

Action to perform on a Asset Video (no crop, but...)

Configuration of the media type

  • Actions available in the action bar
  • A pattern for identifying assets of this media type, possibly using the mime type
  • A form/dialog to use for assets of this type


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  1. I assume this issue assumes the video is uploaded to the DAM? How about video's that are stored on external systems, like youtube or vimeo, or special video servers on premise?

  2. There often is a need for video's to be rendered in different formats - can we transcode videos? Or how do we solve that?

  3. The video asset does need a field / binary for the poster image, which is typically displayed before the users hits the play button