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Topics to consider including in your concept paper:

  • Purpose
    • The Problem (AKA Starting Position)
      • Why is this concept being considered? What is the issue that someone is having?
    • Goals
      • Feature will be a success if it meets these goals
    • Use Cases (AKA User Stories)
      • List concrete ways in which this feature will be used.
    • Tests
  • Proposal
    • Concept (AKA Design)
      • What is the overall approach to solve the problem. First summarize the high level overview in a few lines.
    • Reasoning (AKA Rationale)
      • Pros and Cons
      • Consequences of this approach
    • Implementation
      • Concrete details.
      • Class diagrams or interfaces
      • Requirements
      • Thoughts
      • Open Questions
  • Etcetera
    • Possible improvements
    • Discarded proposals (and why)
    • Discussion
    • References
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