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Upgrade fails with message like 

Could not perform installation: Error importing userroles.editor: a
>> node with uuid adddfaa5-0f00-4a01-9664-ed5cfd0fdd0f already exists!

If you look in the log file, you would see that just few lines before the error there is an entry like

WARN   info.magnolia.cms.module.ModuleUtil 21.01.2008 09:48:53  already existing node [/editor] deleted

The upgrade process was about to upgrade given node and tried to delete old instance of affected data, but failed to insert the new data later since the node with original UUID still exists. 


What happened was that when installing and configuring Magnolia first time you have most likely took one existing node and renamed it to something else. In the case shown above it was the editor role (installed with samples module) that was renamed to something else.

Possible solutions are to:

  • either look what is the current name of given node (using query like select * from nt:base where jcr:uuid='adddfaa5-0f00-4a01-9664-ed5cfd0fdd0f' to find the node by its UUID) and then delete this node before performing upgrade. 
  • don't upgrade affected module (samples in this case ... samples are not essential for your magnolia instance, so you should be fine without them), if not upgrading given module is not an option, then the only solution is to remove such affected nodes manualy (or revert their names to whatever they were originally if you an remember that. 
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