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  • UI - Architecture (Green Velvet)
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  • status of GWT MVP framework
    • any improvements?
    • is it widely used?
  • Vaadin frameworks (add-on)
    • MVP for vaadin?
    • other approaches for bigger applications


  • keep original patterns?
    • MVP separation should be kept (View/Presenter)
    • editor/driver framework
    • history support (Places)

AdminCentral API

  • define interfaces
  • apps, notifications
  • top level
  • all what a customer has to know
  • UML diagrams


  • by code/annotation rather by configuration tree
  • how to customize and overwrite?
    • definition extentions (chain of changes applied on an original definition, ...)

Workbenches (Workspace/Data Types)

  • how to configure node types and constraints
  • driver to populate forms and lists
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