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This Wiki space is currently private; once objectives and other details are set, we could either open it up, or move the relevant content to a separate website.

What, why ?

For the users, by the users.
Magnolia can support, perhaps provide visits every now and then.


Most user groups are accronymized to xUG (JUG, ...) It's only natural ours would be called MUGs, and provides for a good excuse to provide some fun swag.
(They used a mosquito for the logo in Amsterdam:|nl|mosquito (smile)

Who ?


The Amsterdam MUG was started mostly at the initiative of Gijs ter Horst, afaik.
Attendees included people from neteffect,, VPRO, a couple of prospects, people from Tricode (who should present their funky memory-only-Gigaspace-based Magnolia installation at the next MugAm meeting), Pasggi and Greg.


Sebastian and Ruben are highly motivated.
Others have expressed interest too (Matt @ Campbell-Ewald, ...)
Magnolia wants to help.

Attendance: from techies to business types. Users, developers, partners, prospects, ...


People have 2 essential needs in such meetings

  • want to hear what's up from the manufacturer - news
  • what peers are doing with the product

Magnolia presence (pref. technical, I assume) would be desired, but might incur costs...


+/- every 3 months ?
Amsterdam MUG had their first meeting in June, another is supposed to be planned in November/December

Location and logistics

A partner would "sponsor" by providing a room, water, beamer, seats.
Magnolia can probably sponsor to a certain extend (drinks, snacks).
It's meant to be kept informal, so that 1) not much preparation is needed 2) costs are kept low 3) atmosphere is relaxed.

The MUG Amsterdam worked quite well, and was a natural starting point, because there is a "vibrant" community over there. There are other good "hot spots" in Europe, but they'll probably need more traction.

In the US

The US might be a little difficult, as users are spread wide apart.

The idea of having a "virtual user group" kinds of defeat the purpose: where is the beer, whose hands am I shaking?

A middle ground approach could be much more complicated and expensive to organize: webcast, cameras, etc.

Sebastian proposed what sounds like a good approach, where the MUG would meet alternatively on each coast. Conf call and slides (gatherplace, slideshare) could be organized for those on the other coast.


How to let people know about a MUG? By the MUG itself: user-list, forum, facebook, twitter etc. There could also be a calendar, rss feeds, etc. If there is a specific website (maintained by MUGs, sponsored by Magnolia), it could host those.
Magnolia can help promoting the event (via partners contact and newsletter, for example)


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