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Please note

that these are just a few jotted down lines for the future guides. Contains info about installation, handling, layout etc. This can be deleted once there is an official document.


These are the requirements for the shop module v.1.0-SNAPSHOT from the 10th of August - make sure requirements get updated in case they change. The installation was performed with Magnolia 4.4.4 EE.

Needed modules (not included in EE):

  • magnolia module ocm 1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • magnolia form 1.3-SNAPSHOT

Other required modules (already included in EE):

  • standard templating kit 1.4.2/* (1.4.4 installed)
  • pop theme 1.4.2/* (1.4.4 installed)
  • demo-project 1.4.2/* (1.4.4 installed)
  • data module 1.6.0/* (1.6.3 installed)

I also installed the jackrabbit ocm module (1.5.3) and the quartz module (already part of EE - 1.8.4 installed) which are requirements mentioned in the installation instructions


The Magnolia shop module currently has the following dependencies jarsDependencies:
- Magnolia 4.2.3
- data module, stk, form-1.3-snapshot
- ocm module(Used to save the shopping cart bean and the cart items to nodes including the automatic distribution of order numbers (i.e. the name of the cart node), configuration of what to save and what not etc.=
	- jackrabbit-ocm-1.5.3.jar
- dms, mail, admin-interface (which are installed by default)

So to install the shop module successfully, turn of your servlet container (i.e. Tomcat) and add the following JARs to your WEB-INF/lib folder:
- magnolia-module-data-1.6.1.jar
- magnolia-module-scheduler-1.3.jar
- quartz-1.5.2.jar
- magnolia-module-ocm-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
- jackrabbit-ocm-1.5.3.jar
- magnolia-module-standard-templating-kit-1.4.2.jar
- magnolia-module-form-1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar

Then start the servlet container again and let Magnolia bootstrap the new modules.

However, please note that I could not find these two requirements in the pom.xml or the module descriptor. Might be some outdated information in this file?

After installing I ran into MSHOP-1

When the module is successfully installed, a sample shop will be provided under demo-project/shop as well as a specific menu item called Shops Management for handling the shop setup and configuration.

The idea is that you can easily populate the shop configuration without more inside knowledge on the module itself. Most of the set up is self explanatory.

  • default price category (i.e. chf/eur/usd/etc - can be entered manually)
  • default tax category (i.e. 8%, 2.4%, tax-free - can be entered manually)
  • available currencies

When setting up a new shop through New Item in the Shop Management menu, you are asked to enter a name for the shop. Under the System tab you can find very detailed modifications to the shop - not needed if you can live with all the default settings. If you need an adapted implementation of the cart for example, you can enter your own class here. After entering this very basic information a new menu item with the same name of the shop will appear.

5 items for modifying your shop:

  • tax categories
  • currencies
  • price categories
  • product categories
  • products

See an attached screen for modifiying an existing product:


Pricing only provides a price and tax category. Could not enter a price (probably a bug) but more important: could not enter more than 1 price/variation (different sizes of the same product for example)

Other features:

  • Multi-step checkout form (provided by for module 1.3-SNAPSHOT - form module 1.2.3 which is delivered as a standard does NOT provide multi-step forms yet) with option of skipping the shipping address information (skip a complete screen) if it is equal to billing address.
  • Multi-language
  • Since the shops configurations and data are separate, different users can have different access rights to shops which makes it very interesting for a global company where someone from department 1 is not allowed to enter/modify data for department 2 in the shop.
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