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We want the two public instaces to share the comments which are stored in the forum workspace. But otherwise we want to keep the independent


  • add a new repository configuration
    • point to a jackrabbit configuration file which has the Cluster element defined
    <!-- magnolia non-default repository -->
    <Repository name="magnoliacluster" provider="info.magnolia.jackrabbit.ProviderImpl" loadOnStartup="true">
        <param name="configFile" value="${magnolia.repositories.jackrabbit.cluster.config}" />
        <param name="repositoryHome" value="${magnolia.repositories.home}/magnoliacluster" />
        <!-- the default node types are loaded automatically
            <param name="customNodeTypes" value="WEB-INF/config/repo-conf/nodetypes/magnolia_nodetypes.xml" />
        <param name="contextFactoryClass" value="org.apache.jackrabbit.core.jndi.provider.DummyInitialContextFactory" />
        <param name="providerURL" value="localhost" />
        <param name="bindName" value="cluster-${magnolia.webapp}" />
  • add a mapping to the clustered repository for the workspace
            <Map name="website" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="website" />
            <Map name="config" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="config" />
            <Map name="users" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="users" />
            <Map name="userroles" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="userroles" />
            <Map name="usergroups" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="usergroups" />
            <Map name="mgnlSystem" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="mgnlSystem" /> <!-- System internal data -->
            <Map name="mgnlVersion" repositoryName="magnolia" workspaceName="mgnlVersion" /> <!-- magnolia version workspace -->
            <Map name="forum" repositoryName="magnoliacluster" workspaceName="forum" />

jackrabbit configuration file

  • make sure that all instances will point to the same database
  • add the cluster configuration to the configuration file
      <Cluster syncDelay="2000">
        <Journal class="org.apache.jackrabbit.core.journal.DatabaseJournal">
          <param name="revision" value="${rep.home}/revision"/> 
          <param name="driver" value="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"/> 
          <param name="url" value="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/magnolia"/> 
          <param name="user" value="magnolia"/> 
          <param name="password" value="magnolia"/> 
          <param name="schema" value="mysql"/> 
          <param name="schemaObjectPrefix" value="JOURNAL_"/> 

cluster id


workspace.xml not rewritten

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