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GREYDiscussion points about uncoupling.GREY

  • to support multiple repository implementation we need clear separation
  • having JR bundled in the core allows for JR specific code to slip into the code base again and again


  • uncouple repository connection implementation from core
  • make it easy to replace default repo impl
  • separation of JR from Magnolia ... currently in the sandbox if anyone wants to have a look. This branch have been created by further branching magnolia-4.3-modeshape branch and contains proposed fixes for MAGNOLIA-3263@jira, MAGNOLIA-3265@jira, MAGNOLIA-3161@jira while the magnolia-4.3-modeshape branch contains only proposed fix for MAGNOLIA-3161@jira and removes bundling of JackRabbit from the empty-webapp.
    • most basic interfaces and utils needed by real provider impl. separated into own module
    • all JR related code separated into own module
    • all modules that need JR dependency for testing have it declared.
    • before we do anything like this for final, we should review what is in the repo-provider module since the code moved there from core needs refactoring