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This is the output page of testing webdav under windows vista.

How does windows behave when attempting to:

  • create a file with an unsupported exception
    • doesn't allow you to create/upload file with unsupported extension
    • the defined Unsupported extension error message appears
  • create a file or folder with accents (or other non-ascii chars) in its name
    • doesn't allow you to create/upload that file/folder
    • the defined Can't use path appears
  • copy/moving files from other directories by drag'n'drop (i.e from your local disk) -
    • no problem with uploading files from local disk or from one folder to another on webdav share
  • edit the file
    • when editing windows makes a local copy of the webdav file to which are all changes made until the file is saved, then it's uploaded back to webdav share
    • using Pspad or Dreamviewer editors I run into troubles that it was not allowed to upload the file back to mount webdav share. You have to make the changes localy, save it and then upload the file back to share.
    • with Notepad, the built-in windows text editor, there wasn't such a problem with uploading. Just a dialog window appears if i really want to upload a local copy back to webdav and if you really want to overwrite the original version with the changed one.
    • with OpenOffice editor (swriter) and editPad the changes were not reflected in adminCentral
  • no problems with copying, moving, renaming etc.
  • all the changes you do through webdav are correctly reflecting in the admincenral and in vice-versa direction also
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