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Implemented in 4.1

Categorization module integrates with Data module to provide content tagging.

Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Categorization module.


New feature to support content tagging.

We will need to get the statistics of tags across the site, potentially across several sites and need the ability to change tags (maintenance of tags). So a central storage of tags will make sense. A configuration option in the site should allow a site to use its own tag-store or share a tag store with other sites.

Once we have that, tagging an article basically means adding a reference to a tag. This would allow a future implementation to centrally maintain tags if needed (change a tag, merge tags).

We have decided to label this categorization instead of tagging to clearly separate the editorial approach from the much more dynamic approach of ad-hoc tagging


Be able to define tags for any content, search, display, get hits, tag 'inheritance'.


  • tags should be defined per page (BK: tags should be definable on anything. For the moment, we will implement them for article pages, where they make a lot of sense.)
  • Tag manager centralizes tag storage
  • provide methods to search content with specific tags
  • Use of jcr multivalue property
  • Use the tag microformat - I suggest we implement a URI-mapping /tags/TAG that is used for the microformat and links to a page that list the content tagged "TAG" (configurable URI-mapping please)
  • define the 'get hits', must be persistent (where?, how?) (BK: statistics are out of scope for the tags module, they should be collected independently)
  • follow the prototype to display this tags: create a tag overview template, create new paragraphs for the clouds...
  • display also parent tags at least two levels (BK: you mean you want a hierarchical categorization scheme? That goes well beyond standard tagging behavior and IMHO is out of scope)


  • Tag manager location, within stk? templating? ...

BK: I suggest to use an entry under Tools, as this feature (cleaning up tags) is minor. In any case anybody can promote it to more prominence using the menu config (wink)

I think it would be best if tagging is a separate module, such that it can be used independently of STK, but STK of course will make heavy use of it (maven-depends on it)

Is a mixin the right thing to use? Any node-type (content object/dialog) could then simply add tagging.

Additional info

In the prototype, the tag overview page display the teasers to the articles that are tagged.

see and


  1. As far as i know, most tag clouds are "sorted" by tag occurence (i.e how often they are used, i.e the bigger the tag, the larger the amount of pages with that tag) not by the amount of page views (which is what i suppose you mean by "get hits")

    If we need view/visit count, Fabrizio and his team have made something like that for their maserati project.

  2. Interesting! Maybe it is an idea to have a look at how Jive implemented tagging for their community platform Clearspace. Clearspace has got some pretty clever tagging support. See e.g. their tagging datamodel.

    In Clearspace you can even add tags to your user profile and then show stuff like content that is related to your profile.

    Not that you should rebuild all community features that Clearspace offers by the way. I don't think a web CMS will ever come close to what community tooling can offer.

    PS: are you talking about user generated tags only or also about tags ('keywords') that are managed by the content editors? Often you want a separation between the two.

    1. Yes, by looking closer at the customer's need, we'll have the two use-cases; we'll first implement a "managed" list of "categories" or "keywords". "labels" or "tags" will come later.

    2. Thanks for this, though I would be more interested in concepts than data models for now (wink)

      But after we have discussed this for most of today, (and already had a prototype working) we are hopefully getting closer. We need to support a taxonomy first (editorial)

      1. Agreed! I was actually looking for a description of their tagging concept but all I could find was the datamodel.. (wink)

  3. Now that we know what we actually are going to do we should rename this (concept & sources) to something more appropriate.

    Suggestions are:

    • taxonomy (were we wanna go to)
    • tagging (if we don't like to split the uses cases)

    Either we do it now or it might be to late.

  4. @Boris: using mixins might be the right approach but it is unfortunately beyond what our UI is capable to do (at least not without using ugly hacks).

    Module: is absolutely possible and considering the different use cases we should already try to do it.

  5. In the future of Categorization 2012/2013 I see two potential feature domains:

    1. Fast forward typing and tag cloud view.

    See sample:

    2. Wiki mode of categorization.

    Every categorization entry can have it's own 'wiki' style page, where the categorization tree can be alternatively browsed as a glossary, explaining the category and showing linked pages and articles.