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The version cleaner module provides commands to remove old or duplicated versions from your version store. Which versions are selected for removal can be configured through voters.

Analyzing and removing unneeded versions can take a lot of time, the version cleanup command can be configured to examine a set number of versions (actually nodes in the version workspace) and then stop. The next run of the version cleanup command will resume from the node last analyzed.

The version cleaner can be configured to select which versions are deleted or retained. 


Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following dependency to your bundle:



1.4Magnolia 5.5+
1.3Magnolia 5.5+
1.2Magnolia 5.5+


The module provides a set of commands for removing selected versions from the version history. 

Which versions are selected for deletion are configurable through voters. You can define complex conditions to identify if a version should be deleted.

Cleanup Commands

The commands can be found in the version cleaner catalog: /module/versioncleaner/commands/cleanup


Remove unneeded versions according to its configuration.


Remove all versions found except root and leaf versions.

Unlike cleanVersions, cleanAllVersions does not require possibly complicated configuration.


  • This module is at INCUBATOR level.


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