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General section


Base Line,


An initial version of web page without any changes

VariationAlternative variation of the original content.
Content related section
Content BlockAn HTML element or a group of HTML elements (ID, XPath, Selector) that has its alternatives (with slight changes) for specific content.
Content Variation

A slightly different page block content that will be combined with other block variations in order to form the page variation which,

in its turn, will be shown to the end-users. Variations help to define which pages bring the most conversions of the end-users.

Control VariantA variant of the Block or page with which the rest variants are compared during testing. By default your Original variation is Control Variant
Page VariationAlternative variation of the test web page.
Search Method

An identification approach of an HTML element or group of such elements on the web page:

ID - an attribute of the HTML element that provides unique identification of the element among all elements in the web document.

XPath - a query that is used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. Thus, it shows the path to the HTML element on your web page. Mind that if the page changes dynamically, the XPath turns to be incorrect.

Selector - an HTML element or a group of HTML elements that can be described with different element attributes, such as a class, value, etc.
Traffic related section
Control Traffic Splitting parameter

A parameter indicating how much traffic is left for the control variant and how much traffic is provided for the A/B/N experiment

Spreading Rules

The rules of traffic splitting; define how much traffic should be used for the experiment and how exactly it should be distributed among the page variations.

Uniform – the traffic is shared equally among all variations.

Custom – the traffic is shared due to the manual user settings.

Metrics and reporting
Unique OccurrenceThe number of unique occurrences of page variations once visited by the user

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