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The Magnolia unconference returns on the afternoon of Dec 5th! An unconf is planned by all the participants, live at the event. You are invited to make a 1 minute pitch of your session idea at the event. The rest of the attendees then indicate their interest in each session, and we'll plan out the schedule accordingly.


Ground Floor

Second Floor

Oslo Studios Front

Oslo Studios Back

Training Room

Velvet Underground




30 min



40 min

Magnolia Monolith vs. Microservices vs. Macroservices


Integration Patterns

Discussion. We work to improve the speed and ease of implementing integrations with Magnolia. We also work to improve their maintainability and User experience.…

Christopher Zimmermann, Product Manager at Magnolia

Migrating older modules, prior to 5.4

Richard Gange, Magnolia

Caching a global site w/ personalization , detecting IPs, URL strategies...


Change rooms


40 min

Upcoming UI Framework changes, Vaadin 8, Magnolia 6

Aleksandr Pchelintcev, Magnolia



Light / Java CI/CD , tips, tricks, suggestions

Andrey, Konstructive

Magnolia + Kubernetes , Best practices & experiments


Magnolia Webapps & Cloud images

Hear about how Magnolia packaging habits, for deployment on usual cloud platforms; custom maven webapps & modules, tooling, etc. 

Mikaël Geljić, Software Architect, Magnolia


30 min


Change rooms


30 min

M6 User experience

Magnolia 6 has some fundamental new behavior patterns and a new theme. I will give a short overview from UX perspective what is new, what is still in progress. We discuss and gather feedback from users – not technical – view point.

Anja, UX Designer Magnolia

Templating strategy, many page templates vs. one with all options , pros & cons


Magnolia Headless / Content hub challenges  for dev / editors / ops


16:15Awards & wrap-up
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