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Main Discussion

  • Situation: 
    • slow site, distance public server to visitor
    • CDN (Cloudflare) in place
      • caching not used as cached based on URL which makes geo-based personalisation unworkable
      • CDN used for fallback in case of downtimes, DDoS protection
    • using personalisation module of Magnolia
    • Why using personalisation at all and not separate URLs?
      • one brand, one URL

    • (2) Use cache on static content on the CDN and keep the rest on Magnolia's cache with Advanced Caching
      • use different caching policies
    • (3) Bring personalisation asynchronously into the front-end (page cached, REST call to get personalised components)
    • (4) If it's a country specific personalisation only, then detect country and redirect to a specific URL

    • (5) Check CDN's API (same functionality provided as Akamai?)
      • Akamai:
        • Simple API provided by Akamai, can easily be called from Magnolia
        • No Magnolia module 

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  • Downsides / pitfalls:
    • performance
    • risk of breaking something as content is highly interlinked / referenced
    • multi-value fields
    • translations