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Build it with me:

I had this idea, but for now no time to start developing it. I wrote this down and hope that there will be someone contributing on it or maybe helps to develop it or bring new ideas. 


The Problem

In early states or even with common used templates like news or events it's helpful to have some kind of auto generated page with content in it. That helps to get a feeling about what should be included on this pages. (It's more or less like this page, which is copied by the Concept draft, which is kind of funny) 


  • Add a functionality for end users to create such prefilled pages with minimal effort
  • Add a functionality to create a page based on a content template

Use Cases

  • Recreation of News, Event, Product or whatever page you have



  • Add a custom action in the pages app on node type mgnl:page which opens a dialog to create a new content template based on this page.
    • The Confirmation Action of the dialog send a copy of this node including mgnl:areas or mgnl:components into a seperated contentTemplate jcr workspace.
    • A cool thing would be if you can store an image to the template or if it would generate an image based on the page.
    • You should be able to overwrite an existing content template.
  • Add a switchable field on the "Create Page" dialog. 
    • One Option should be "Create Page from empty templates" Which should be more or less what's currently exists
    • Second Option would be "Create Page from content templates" Which lists all the created Content Templates. 
    • If you choose the second option magnolia will copy the content from the contentTemplates into the pages app. After that you can start adding your content. 


  • What to do with subpages in the creation dialog?
  • How to manage the created content templates? Seperated App or just JCR?
  • How are links or i18n properties managed?
  • How to control availablity?

Possible Improvements

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