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I want to allow public users to register with their Facebook accounts on my magnolia site, for registrations i am using Public User Registration module how can this be extended to allow users to register/login with facebook or any other social media logins, i.e  facebook

Anything already available? If available how i can do that?

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  1. Hello Dương-

    Something like this would be better for the forum. But anyway I will answer you here. It should be a matter of creating a custom login handler. They are configured here /server/filters/login/loginHandlers. Have a look at our OOTB Basic and Form login handler classes for inspiration.



    1. Hello Rechard, 

      Please explain more about creating a custom login handler to logging in to social networks.

      1. The login handler is a single class which knows how to negotiate a login request of a certain type. For example the login screen for Magnolia admin central. The classes are here:

        That should provide an example of how to create a handler class. Then configure that class in the filter chain.