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Basic of BPMN

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model.
Magnolia supports the version 2.0 of the notation (through the integration of JBoss jBPM).


Start Events


Untyped start event that triggers a new process instance.

A process instance is started on receipt of a message.

A process instance is started on cyclic timer events, points in time, after time spans or timeouts.

End Events


The untyped end event typically marks the standard end of a process.

Triggering the immediate termination of a process instance. All steps still in execution in parallel branches are terminated.

Boundary/Intermediate Events


Catches a named error, which was thrown be an inner scope (e.g. subprocess).

This event needs to be attached to the boundary of an activity.



When splitting, it routes the sequence flow to exactly one of the outgoing branches based on conditions. When merging, it awaits one incoming branch to complete before triggering the outgoing flow.

When used to split the sequence flow, all outgoing branches are activated simultaneously. When merging parallel branches it waits for all incoming branches to complete before triggering the outgoing flow.

When splitting, one or more branches are activated based on branching conditions. When merging, it awaits all active incoming branches to complete.



A task is a unit of work – the job to be performed. It is an atomic activity within a process flow.

When a task can only be performed by a human. The process is paused until a human resolve the task.

Sub processes


A called activity is a decomposable activity. It is linked to another process diagram.

It's also called reusable process.

A subprocess is a decomposable activity. It contains a valid BPMN diagram.

It's also called AdHoc process.

Sequence Flow


Sequence flow defines the execution order of activities. It can be conditioned.
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