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Possible solutions

Separate branch

  • (plus) cp13n is completely separated
  • (minus) cp13n ee and ee-packs has to be release per every 5.4.x release

Include cp13n as separate artefact into the current branch

  • enterprise bundle would include:
    • enterprise-pro-webapp-cp13n
    • enterprise-test-webapp-cp13n
    • enterprise-test-public-webapp-cp13n
    • additional mvn profile which would include tests for cp13n 
  • (plus) no need of a separate release
  • (minus) not independent, need to back port component personalisation tests

Include cp13n into the default bundle

  • (plus) no extra work
  • (minus) includes major version of personalization into the minor version of 5.4
    • we would force customers to update web apps,


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