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Welcome to the new Magnolia Community Wiki !

This wiki is a community effort. Right, that includes you. You are allowed to change anything you see, add comments or add new pages. It is your place, after all.

How you can edit content on this wiki To edit content, you should login using your Jira account information. If you have no such account, you can simply register. If you're not familiar with Confluence, please go and have some fun in the Sandbox space (smile) If you are new to the concept of a wiki, you might want to read WikiEtiquette first.

Please whenever you refer to Magnolia as a product, capitalize the word. In other words, this wiki is about Magnolia, not about magnolia.

What should you write about? Well, anything technical related to Magnolia. This includes scripts, templates, installation instructions, and anything else that might prove useful for someone else.

This is a place to share knowledge and ideas, not to ask questions. Please use the user mailing list if you have questions about Magnolia. Questions about specific topics are of course welcome in the comments of the specific page.

We cannot be made responsible for the contents of an attachment. It could destroy your machine, so be careful what you download and install.

Content from the "old" wiki has been imported (in a very rough manner) on the 8th of January 2008. Please review and improve, tag, restructure to your hearts content. If you notice any missing attachment, please tag the page with "missing-attachment".

What version are you talking about?

If the page you edit is specific to a certain version of Magnolia, please tag it appropriately: v2_1, v3_0, v3_5, etc. There is an Archive space for pages which were written again older versions of Magnolia (pre 3.0) and haven't been updated or maintained since.

Places to start with

These pages will give you a couple of places to start with:

License and Copyright

Please make sure you read and understand License And Copyright before you contribute.

Popular labels:

Other spaces:

There are other spaces you might be interested in:

Space: 2012 Community Day
Content related to the 2012 Magnolia Conference Community Day
Space: Cloud Knowledge Base
Shares knowledge and best practices with Magnolia Cloud customers
Space: Community Wiki
Space: Extensions
Space for the documentation of incubator and addon modules.
Space: INCL
INCL a common space for includable junk used among various doc spaces
Space: Magnolia 4.5 Documentation
Magnolia 4.5 Documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.0
Space: Magnolia 5.3 documentación
Magnolia 5.3 documentación en español
Space: Magnolia 5.3 Documentation
Magnolia 5.3 Documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.4 documentation
Magnolia 5.4 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.5 documentation
Magnolia 5.5 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.6 documentation
Magnolia 5.6 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.7 documentation
Magnolia 5.7 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5 中文资料
Magnolia 5 documentation in Chinese
Space: Magnolia 6.0 documentation
Magnolia 6.0 documentation
Space: Magnolia Academy
Magnolia Academy online training initiative.
Space: Magnolia Development
This space hosts concepts, the roadmap, backlog and development related tips and tricks. It is not meant to be used for …
Space: Magnolia Forge
Space: Magnolia Internationalization
Space: Magnolia NOW documentation
Space: Magnolia User Groups
Space: Migration Documentation
Space: Retos Digitales Magnolia Community
Space: Sandbox Nr.2 - a test space
Sandbox Nr.2 a test space
Space: UX Archive for Magnolia 4.x
UX work done for the Magnolia 4.x family.
Space: UX Archive for Magnolia 5 (Enterprise UI)
Initial UX work done for Magnolia 5 leading to an Enterprise UI design.
Space: Workshops unconf 2017
Space to store all the workshops of the Unconference

Top Contributors

I know this is biased, since all the content from the old wiki was imported using my account (wink) Please take me down this list !

Richard Gange 6844315
Magnolia International 5833925
Boris Kraft 3112880
Antti Hietala 275537
Gavan Stockdale 269104
Christoph Meier 266100
Christopher Zimmermann 2442118
Ruth Stocks 224022
Tobias Mattsson 196716
Federico Grilli 1791329
Zdenek Skodik 121140
Tom Wespi 99125
Marvin Kerkhoff 84321
Viet Nguyen 70610
Daniel Lipp 5931
Lars Fischer 55213
Zak Greant 5362
Jan Haderka 511433
Suzanne Deprez 5000
Christian Balaguer 4602
Aleksandr Pchelintcev 4520
Felix Rabe 4300
Julie Legendre 4350
Olivier Marti 43112
Marcel Evers 4110
Eric Hechinger 3000
Matt Dertinger 30726
Philipp Bracher [old account - now Philipp Bärfuss] 2820
Richard Unger 28366
Christian Hauser 2600
Philipp Bärfuss 2440
Andrew Warinner 2240
Jaroslav Simak 2200
Bruno Chauvet 2126
Pete Ryland 1954
Matteo Pelucco 1780
Mariusz Chruscielewski 1680
Mikaël Geljić 1631
Ondrej Chytil 1600
Ruben Reusser 1600
Simon Lutz 1502
Bradley Andersen 1320
Carlos Cantalapiedra 1305
Jan Snelders 1200
Cheng Hu 1100
Roland Polzer 11170
Will Scheidegger 1110
Nils Breunese 1000
Teresa Miyar 1001
Adrien Berthou 910
Chris Robson 900
Marketplace Team 900
Martin Drápela 910
Pete Ryland 900
Rakesh Vidyadharan 910
Sean McMains 902
Vit Kroutil 900
Christopher Kaiser 800
Joerg von Frantzius 8101
Fabrizio Giustina 701
Frank Sommer 760
Ralf Hirning 700
Stefan Bachert 700
Alvaro Arce 600
Anja von Gunten 601
Bert Leunis 600
David Smith 600
joshua portway 610
Lazo Apostolovski 600
Magnolia International 621
Priya Patel 600
Sarah LoPrinzi 600
Adrien Manzoni 551
Andreas Weder 5200
Cedric Reichenbach 501
Edwin Guilbert 501
Kevin Coshic 500
Roman Milos 500
Anne-Marie Scheidegger 410
Brent McArthur 404
Christian Ringele 434
David Lopez 401
Federico Navarro 400
Iran Campos 401
Maria Elena 400
Martin Algesten 430
Matthias Müller 430
Natascha Desmarais 409
Niels Hardeman 440
Obeliksz 424
Paul Hodges 400
Rico Jansen 410
Robert Šiška 401
Sejal Korenromp 400
Vivian Steller 491
Arjan van Bentem 301
Daniel Natali 302
David Buchmann 300
Ilgun Ilgun 300
Jean-Francois Nadeau 320
Jonas Petersen 310
Jordie Diepeveen 330
Karel de Witte 320
Kib Erne 300
Maxime Michel 300
Peter Wayner 310
Philip Mundt 320
Roman Kovařík 300
Thomas Duffey 310
Andrey 203
Aymeric Levaux 200
Balaji Sowmyanarayanan 200
Brad Kazazes 205
Dương Hoàng Giang 200
Evgeniy Fitsner 205
Hay Kranen 200
Jozef Chocholacek 214
Marcel van den Brink 211
Maurizio Müller 200
Michael Robertson 200
Pascal Mangold 200
Peter Phillips 200
Saimir Gasa 201
Sven Damm 230
Tobias Hochgürtel 230
Tobias Reinhardt 200
Training Participants - FullStack Developer 271
Alain Horner 100
Doc Training 100
Dominik Neumann 100
Ervín Výstup 100
Espen Jervidalo 110
Guillermo Ortiz Figueroa 110
Jim Herbert 100
Jonas Fischer 100
Jose Maria Ruiz 100
Kyle Watson 100
Laura Gambell 100
Lukas Kahwe Smith 100
Lutz Hühnken 110
Marc Johnen 111
Martin Smid 100
Matthias Hampel 101
Milan Divilek 100
Oanh Thai Hoang 100
Oliver Knorr 100
Pat Hills 100
Philippe Marschall 100
Ryan Gardner 101
Samuel Schmitt 163
Sebastian David 100
Sebastian Stang 100
Sky Masterson 100
Thomas Martin 100
Åke Argéus 100
Andrew Liles 010
Ariana Rivva 001
Brandon Klapholz 001
Brian Bowman 010
Carina Christen 001
chandan agarwal 010
Christian Felsing 010
Christian Hamm 010
Christian Menzel 001
Daniel A. García Ramírez 010
Daniel Richter 010
Dao Thi Thanh Huyen 001
Dean Pullen 010
Deniz Engin 010
Dominik Duehning 010
Edgar Vonk 0210
Edmondas Girkantas 010
Ernst Bunders 010
Eros Erisaries 010
Florian Fuchs 020
Francisco Casals 020
Giancarlo Berner 010
Hans-Peter Meister 030
Hans-Peter Störr 011
Hoan Hoan Nhạc Nhạc 010
Hugo Ferreira 010
Jan Christian Haddorp 040
Jan Schulte 001
Jeffrey van der Heide 001
Jo-Anne Brandes 010
Joaquin Alfaro 010
Johan Karlberg 010
Jose 010
Julian Nodarse 001
Jörg Wirsig 001
Karthik 020
Kimmo Björnsson 010
Leah Staniorski 001
Leo Lozes 060
Lucius Müller 001
Luis Moreno 010
Manuel Helbing 010
Marc Werlen, Netcetera 020
Marcin Kita 010
Marcin Pikulski 010
Mario Ammann 030
Markus Kortlang 001
markus schwarz 001
Mathias Conradt 0100
Matthew Arriaga 002
Melodee Joy Hoene 010
Michael Büchele 010
Michael Mühlebach 020
Michiel Meeuwissen 010
Mohan Sundararajan 010
Nate Bartlett 031
OLD Chris Jennings 010
Oliver Sartun 020
Pascal Zingg 010
Phu Ha 004
Pierre Sandrin 030
Quach Hao Thien 001
Revathy Varadhan 010
Roelof Jan 010
rosa 010
Sameer Charles 011
Sanel Mesinovic 060
Saurabh Chandel 010
Sergio Sanchez Curquejo 050
Takhmina 010
Tamas Szilassi 010
Thomas Weckert 010
Tim Trainor 010
Timo Wirth 010
Tomáš Gregovský 010
Training Participants - Content Editor 001
Training Participants Custom Trainings 001
Trang Truong 001
Vesa Termonen 003
Yann Roth 050
Yassine Elghayabi 010
zhouhao 010
Zoltán Andrási 010
Zoran Balkic 011

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