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Timezone configuration in user profile

User can choose one of:

  • browser timezone (current)
  • server timezone
  • a custom timezone

Also see  MGNLUI-2695 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Displaying dates


B] Component




Problem: where to place the implementation of the component?



This is a summary of the decisions made on architecture meeting on .


Users can choose a timezone in their profiles:

  • Browser timezone (show only offset)
  • A custom timezone (list of timezone IDs)
  • We do not provide server timezone option

How we resolve the timezone:

  • We won't introduce a new user profile component 
  • We introduce TimeZone for M5.5
    • Only MgnlUser.getTimeZone() for M5.4



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  1. Commented in details on the pull request, but if we go with the "profile", there's much more work to do. (wink)