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  • MAGNOLIA-6451 - Getting issue details... STATUS , why it happens?
    • we do not track the fact of inclusion
    • included files may be located anywhere
    • no notion of config dependency from data-structure point of view:
      • each config file potentially could have an inclusion tree: included files also may have includes
  • dynamic definition providers
    • The way population of a definition provider happens now:
      • Yaml —YamlCfgSrc \                                                                               / —> DefinitionProvider (static, i.e. everything is pre-resolved) 
                                                                      \YamlReader ——> M2B - (produces the bean)/
                                                 (resolves all the includes recursively and populates a map; from this point on the inclusions are lost)
    • Proposed way:
      • Yaml —> YamlCfgSrc —> YamlDefinitionProvider (no conversion happens right away, it only has reference to a resource and tools like YamlReader and M2B).
      • YamlReader would still produce a map with converted Yaml,  
        • + it would populate a set of such inclusions with references to respective files.
      • Upon each provider#get() call the last modified dates of the dependencies are checked, the definition bean is re-resolved if needed 
      • Cons:
        • small overhead upon definition retrieval (DefinitionProvider#get())
      • Pros:
  • alternative way
    • we could track the dependencies outside of the definition provider and still use the static definition providers
      • resolve the dependencies as soon as a config file is registered, store them (on the YamlCfgSrc level)
      • => there would be a set of dependencies per config file
      • upon any resource change - check the sets of deps of each config file on the presence of the changed one
      • Cons:
        • cumbersome
        • would cause tons of useless checks
        • hard to make extensible
      • Pros:
        • DefProviders are still dumb and simple
        • no overhead for DefinitionProvider#get()
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