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Test fixture data

Change/add MVH default tasks to load fixture data. Could be a specific task that boostraps e.g. when magnolia.load.testdata=true (similar to mgnl-boostrap-samples)

General question: How to load fixture data?

Idea: Only test the C of  CRUD once! Make tests faster!

Use more REST

Use REST (and custom endspoints) once jetty9 is merged in master

Get rid of servlets...?


Shaving off minutes (17minutes) when checking for NonExistingElements and whether they are gone.

  • implicitWait of the driver
  • waitUntil
    • each have ten seconds

Remove delay in favor of waitUntil

We still use delay for publication related stuff. We should aim for less delay and more waitUntils.

Integrate Jetty9 branch for CE/EE

MAGNOLIA-5536 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Use page objects

  • Jan: use css instead of xpath (faster more reliable)
  • See Michael's branch (tba)

Next Steps


  • Integrate jetty9
  • Integrate implicitWait reduction for NonExistingElements
  • Start with first UI testframework + first page object implementation

Intermediate steps

  • UI test framework that contains Page Objects (abstract)
  • Continously "migrate" all UI tests to using page objects

Long term goal

  • Modules provide their own UI test and test fixture data
  • Remote test execution on Amazon?
    • There are plugins for jenkins...
  • Parellelization of UI tests


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