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Consider that in the case of a browser view - the actionpopup needs to be defined to handle what kind of item is clicked on - nodeType, is it a property, etc.


  1. ActionPopup definition
Similar to the Actionbar definition.
  • You only have to work in one place.
  • You only have to look in once place and you know the definition. 
  • Easily get out of sync with the actionbar.
    • Order of items
    • Which items are in, which are out.
  • A pain to manage two configurations.
2. Extend Actionbar definitionAn ActionPopup definition that extends the Actionbar definition instead of totally redefining it.
  • Stays in sync with actionbar

  • Must implement a way to remove an item from a definition.
  • Need to look in 2 places to understand what is in ActionPopup.
  • Still a pain to create and manage two configurations.
3. Action definitionAn additional flag in each action that marks that it should show up in the popup
  • ActionbarItemDefinition gets: isCommon, isInPopup, includeInContextMenu
  • Stays in sync with actionbar
  • Simple implementation.
  • Simple configuration (just one tree)
  • Need to look in all the action definitions to understand what is in ActionPopup.
Something else?? 4. actionbar item defFlag in Actionbar items   



How to display it in the UI?