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Findings about M5

  • Mikael
    • cannot choose items (e.g. in choose dialog) which are configured by code
    • cannot get a list of all registered dialogs/forms
    • cannot use a custom form class to add specific value change handlers
    • target app must be a content app to be able to use a choose dialog
  • Christopher
    • Significantly more complicated to create an item sub app then a dialog to edit an item. Necessarily?
    • Could a SubApp specify a form in the same way that an EditDialogDefintion can (rather then having its own form - that might duplicate the dialog?
    • Should be able to add additional instances of fields in a form - handle 1 or more of one kind of field - little + and - buttons for a field.
  • Federico
    • Difficult to prepopulate fields dynamically - for example a select field.
    • Fields in a form need a way to update based on activity in other fields.
    • How to retrieve main node type bound to a workspace (NodeTypeManager holds all node types for all workspaces)?