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Retrieve module from the Git repository

In this example we look at how to check out the STK module from the Git repository.

  1. Go top
  2. Search for "standard-templating-kit" with the search tool.
  3. On the results, click modules/standard-templating-kit.git. The project summary is loaded.
  4. Copy the anonymous, read-only URL.
  5. Go to the command line and change to the directory where you would like to have your copy of the Standard Templating Kit project.
  6. Type git clone and paste in the URL. The complete command should will look like this: git clone

Locate module Version

  1. On the project summary on Gitweb site, under the "tags" section, look for the version tag you are interested in (2.0.3 in our example).
    If the tag does not show up in the short list, click on "..." at the bottom of the list to reveal the full tag list of this project.
  2. Click on the standard-templating-kit-2.0.3 tag. This will give you the details of this 2.0.3-commit
  3. Copy the commit hash. (In this case "2f6f171e8b74e861dd16d0c1240df6c393467682" in our case)
  4. In Git, go back to the command line, change into the standard-templating-kit directory created by our git clone command above and set the clone back to the desired version using the following command:
    git reset --hard 2f6f171e8b74e861dd16d0c1240df6c393467682