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This java class that will implement the getAllSolrIndexes() method (courtesy of Mikaël Geljić ) that will be invoked in our FTL from a custom templating function. The purpose of this class is provide the Solr query Search and return the matching elements. This java class is like a model class and it´s included into this sample module: 

Code Block
public class SitemapTemplatingFunction {

    private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(SitemapTemplatingFunction.class);

    public Collection<SolrDocument> getAllSolrIndexes() throws SolrServerException, IOException {
        return getAllSolrIndexes(null, null);

    public Collection<SolrDocument> getAllSolrIndexes(String type) throws SolrServerException, IOException {
        return getAllSolrIndexes(type, null);

    public Collection<SolrDocument> getAllSolrIndexes(String type, String... fields) throws SolrServerException, IOException {
        MagnoliaSolrBridge magnoliaSolrBridge = Components.getComponent(MagnoliaSolrBridge.class);
        SolrClient solrClient = magnoliaSolrBridge.getSolrClient();

        SolrQuery solrQuery = new SolrQuery();
        solrQuery.setSort("url", SolrQuery.ORDER.asc);

        // perform query with zero rows, to resolve number of results
        QueryResponse queryResponseNumberOfResults = solrClient.query(solrQuery);

        // resolve number of results
        int numberOfResults = Long.valueOf(queryResponseNumberOfResults.getResults().getNumFound()).intValue();
        log.debug("Found {} document(s)", numberOfResults);

        if (fields != null && fields.length > 0) {

        if (type != null) {
            solrQuery.addFilterQuery("type:" + type);

        // perform query to get all result
        QueryResponse queryResponse = solrClient.query(solrQuery);
        return queryResponse.getResults();


For this example I'm defining a corpfn solrfn function that will be linked to our SitemapTemplatingFunction java class:

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For creating your FTL script please just copy the following snippet that invokes the getAllSolrIndexes method and generates the sitemap definition:


Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
[#compress]<urlset xmlns="">
[#assign searchResults = corpfnsolrfn.getAllSolrIndexes() /]
[#list searchResults as item]

    [#assign slashCount = item["url"]?remove_ending("/")?split("/")]
    [#assign priority = (13 - slashCount?size)/10]



Now you can access to the absolute URL of the FTL script to test the sitemap generation. You can also go to http://localhost:8983/solr/#/magnolia/query and execute a Search query on Magnolia core to see if all the expected elements are getting found and shown.

Sample Module

In git repository there is a module which has the neccesary templates and class to generate a Sitemap based in SOLR. Module has the following contents:

  • Java class: with the templating function necessary to get all Solr Indexes
  • Decorations folder: to modify Travel Demo templates and dialogs to allow hide pages in Sitemap.
  • Templates folder: with Sitemap template to use directly in Pages App. 

Usage of the module: You have to install the module and register the Templating function as described before