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Which versions are selected for deletion are configurable through voters. You can define complex conditions to identify if a version should be deleted.

Cleanup Commands

The cleanup commands can be found in the version cleaner catalog: /module/versioncleaner/commands/cleanup


Remove unneeded versions according to its configuration.


Remove all versions found except root and leaf versions.

Unlike cleanVersions, cleanAllVersions does not require possibly complicated configuration.

Diagnostic Commands

The diagnostic commands can be found in the version cleaner catalog: /module/versioncleaner/commands/diagnostic


Locate corrupted versions in the version workspace.

A version is corrupt if it: 

  • has no root version
  • has multiple root versions
  • the root version identified by name differs from the root version returned by the JCR API

Configuring Cleanup

The versions selected for removal by the cleanVersions command are controlled by Voters. The cleanVersions command has two sets of voters: 

  • voters to determine if the versions of a node should be checked
  • voters to select specific versions of a node for deletion

Since there may be many, many more versions than nodes, the cleanVersions command first checks if versions of each node should be cleaned up before checking if each each version should be retained or deleted. 


  • This module is at INCUBATOR level.