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For Magnolia 5.4 you'll want to use the current 1.0.23-SNAPSHOT version, just being tested for release. You can get it at

Please also see the technical details section below about how this module changes resource handling in Magnolia 5.4.

When installing the module, take care that it needs a newer version of vaadin-sass-compiler: vaadin-sass-compiler 0.9.13


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In addition, the new resources module now delivers any resource on the filesystem (in the resources folder), the JCR resources workspace or the class path (!!) without checking any permissions or applying any security. This represents (IMHO) a serious regression and security problem.

The SCSS module version 1.0.2 corrects both these problems. It introduces a replacement for the ResourcesServlet (net.jaardvark.magnolia.resources.RenderingResourcesServlet) which uses configurable renderers to output the resources. The renderers can be as simple as just copying the resource contents to the output (BinaryResourceRenderer, TextResourceRenderer), or more complex, like the SCSSResourceRenderer.