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Generally we recommend you use one of the latest versions of GIT. 

No GIT client yet

If you have no GIT client yet, get the latest version of the official installer.

I already have GIT

If you already have a GIT client installed, please check the page Supported platforms (for bitbucket) from Atlassian, and make sure that your versions is has been tested against our Bitbucket version. (To grab the current version of the Magnolia Bitbucket instance, look at the bottom of your profile page.)

No Formatcode
$ git --version
git version 2.17.2 (Apple Git-113)

If you have an too old version, please upgrade.

OSX: Use homebrew, macports, or simply the official installer.

On Windows: check this out:

On Linux: you're a big boy, aren't you? (seriously though, links/instructions welcome. Please update this page)