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  • Synchronization
  • Transactional Activation
  • Sticky Sessions (think PUR module) More things to back up
  • etc Etc.

On the other hand, clustering introduces some problems:

  • If you use PostgreSQL, the journal can grow to the point it shuts down the DB server
  • it It introduces a single point of failure
  • you You can't do a rolling update if you only have one DB
  • does Does not scale - a good rule of thumb seems to be: one DB connection per JCR workspace is open. In an OOTB configuration, there are about 30 JCR workspaces. If we're above, say, 4 publics, we actually have too many simultaneous DB connections.
  • each Each cluster node needs its own (private) file system and search index.


A potential solution for all these issues is [Amazon Aurora].

A potential solution to the single point of failure problem is: create a redundant, second Jackrabbit cluster to avoid single point of failure in the content store.