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  • Yes if you need a new feature such as support for mobile devices. Read the release notes from 4.5.1 up and 5.0 up to see what is new. 
  • Yes if you want to benefit from the new user interface.
  • Yes if you need professional support from Magnolia International.
  • No if you don't want to and , don't see a compelling reason to, and you don't need support.


The early plans for Magnolia 5 included many significant new features: multichannel support, JCR 2.0, STK 2.0, improved templating API and touch-native administration interface. During  During development we realized that releasing the full feature set at once would put too much load on the community and on our development, service, support and training teams.

With this in mind, we devised a 2-step migration process:

  1.  Magnolia  Magnolia 4.5 was an intermediate step between the 4.4 and 5. It  It introduced multichannel support, JCR 2.0, STK 2.0 and the improved templating API.
  2. Magnolia 5.0 added the touch-native administrative interface, apps, DAM, Vaadin 7, CKEditor and more features.


  • If you are starting a completely new project, start with Magnolia 5.2. This way you don't need to migrate anything.
  • If you currently use Magnolia 4.4, complete all the steps in the migration roadmap.
  • If you currently use Magnolia 4.5, complete only steps 1, 2 and 10 in the migration roadmap.

We continue to improve the migration tool and documentation as we learn from client project migrations. If your deployment is large is large and complex you may wish to wait until early adopters have migrated to 5.2. This way you benefit from their experience and the optimizations we make to the migration tool.

Automated vs. manual migration


  • Customizations to AdminCentral
  • Extensions to dialogs (for example, custom field types and save handlers)

Migration tool status

Future improvements

  • Base migration (of, for example, the complete STK) will be performed by the standard update wizard
  • Our support team will assist with manual migration of the custom templates until this feature is supported by the migration tool
  • Our documentation team is simplifying the migration guide that will include an overview of the process, a list of migration prerequisites and detailed instructions.

Next steps

  • Early adopters are attempting to migrate from 4.4.x to 4.5 using the migration tool and with support from us.
  • We are using the experience to refine the migration tool to provide a better experience.
  • We are expanding our training to include material on 4.5 templating and migration.