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  • Blog/News site with categories (Magnolia developer blog?) - Blog posts are content from a Blog/News app, not pages.
  • Web application - Angular? Classic MVC TODO list?
  • Shop / Catalog
  • Landing page / Microsite
  • Developer quiz (Magnolia Certification Test?)
  • Intranet: ContentApps for people, interest groups, interests, abilities, places, and times.And modules, departments, cells, and concepts.
  • Twitter Bootstrap site
  • Presentation (ie slide deck)
  • Admin UI components
  • Template Apps
  • Magazine
  • Iphone/android/mobile native app.
  • Game?


Potential content-set use cases

Maybe we should rather start with a sets of content as use cases. The templating kit must support easily creating a meaningful content experience with any set of content.
As the CMS cell - we should probably get some inspiring high quality content to work with. (Including high quality design)
This will help us when  we want to create convincing demo projects.

  • Intranet - people, projects, processes, interests, roles
  • Product information - brochureware
  • Branded content experience (redbull)
  • Interest / Content (One of a kind cars & photos/videos/stories)
  • News / Blog
  • TODOList - User application data.
  • Organizational + Forms (City / municipality / School)
  • Shop

I guess this goes in the directions of verticals or "Solutions" based on magnolia.