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  • (error) info.magnolia.ui.form.AbstractFormItem#getMessages - should not be public
    • Is broken: doesn't use the user locale afaict.
  • (error) info.magnolia.ui.form.AbstractFormItem#getMessage - should not be public
  • (error) AbstractFormItem defines a semi-arbitrary message bundles chain (see AbstractFormItem#UI_BASENAMES)
  • (error) Definition objects( TabDefinition, etc) have an i18nBasename property, which is very redundant with that of the "runtimes" objects ( FormTab, ...). Usage seems consistent ( return definition.getI18nBasename();) but I don't know why this isn't implemented in info.magnolia.ui.form.AbstractFormItem.
  • (error) Definition objects don't have a common interface. If they did, we could move i18nBasename and label in there. OTOH, some of these objects have more than 1 item to translate (label and description, for example).
  • (error) view.addFormSection(tab.getMessage(tabDefinition.getLabel()), tab.getContainer()); ...translates the message from the tab and passes it translated before it's actually "displayed". (while the method argument is called tabName not tabLabel - but that passed object becomes an argument called caption later down the stack) - the below would make this sort of code much more explicit. You pass an object meant to be a label. You translate it explicitly - most likely at the last possible moment. Or we even extend Vaadin component so that they know about I18nItem.
  • (error) getI18nBasename is defined in too many places. It's inconsistent and unintuitive. Why the redundancy between info.magnolia.ui.dialog.Dialog#getI18nBasename and info.magnolia.ui.dialog.definition.DialogDefinition#getI18nBasename for example ?
  • (error) info.magnolia.ui.form.FormBuilder#buildForm still does "StringUtils.isNotBlank(description)", but since this is now decorated, it will never be blank or null. See 
    serverMagnolia - Issue tracker

Suggested key patterns

The below is a rough outline. The 3 goals below are somewhat hard to reach all at once.